9 Things to Know About Taking Down the Decorations

It's true that the decorations are barely up, but that's no reason not be educated about what you're getting into when you do decorate. If you're not careful, you could be all but inviting goblins to visit your home:

"[Goblins] were hideously ugly to begin with, and full of malice and ill will to human beings. They were supposed to live mostly underground, in mines or mountain caves, where they hoarded stolen treasure, sallying forth from time to time to frighten belated wanderers, or to work great harm to mortals who had, by some fault of omission or commission, given them the power to do so. Such power could be given, it was thought, if Christmas decorations were left up after Candlemas Day, February the second. If even so much as one leaf should be left lying in some corner of a house, a malicious goblin would have the power to enter through the keyhole and do all kinds of wicked things--set the chimney on fire, spill the milk, crack the wine bottles, smash the china, and even let loose rats and mice in the larder to eat up all the food."

-- Christine Chaundler, The Book of Superstitions