How It Works

  1. There are 24 numbered windows in all, one for each day of December leading up to the grand finale on Christmas Eve.

  2. Run your cursor over a number to make it light up. Then click to bring up a small window with a Christmas story or other treat. If you try to open a window before the proper day, you will be thwarted! For instance, if you look at the calendar on December 5, you will be able to open the first five windows, but not the later ones.

    [Unfortunate fine print: The calendar works on all Mac browsers but Windoze is less reliable! We had originally set it up to only open the correct amount of windows for the date. Now, we let you see it all at once, but you can still try the old way if you want by clicking the link on the main Christmas page where it says "Go to the calendar for today." If you use the old link, make sure that your system clock is set to the correct date. And finally, if you've visited the calendar before and you're not getting the latest page, make sure that you're entering the calendar from this page, and not reloading an earlier version of the calendar itself. If you're using a recommended browser and are still having trouble, please email us and we'll get you in. ]

  3. When you are finished with a story window, simply close the window by clicking on the close box to return to the calendar.

  4. There will be a new story for each day of the calendar.

That's it! Come back each day and learn something new as the season unfolds.

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